Great Photolisting Sites for Waiting Children

Photolistings are the most effective way to finding permanent homes for children in foster care or domestically, at least in my opinion it is. Now, you don’t have to agree, that’s fine. No need to roll your eyes at me; I’m just here to help. Anyway, for those of you just starting your journey to growing your family through adoption or if you are continuing to grow, I’ve compiled a list of photolisting sites that may have your future son or daughter! Take a look and click the links of this short list of sites I’ve compiled.

Please note: adoption photolistings are usually secure sites. The information provided is limited and, at times, so are the pictures of the children. The majority of the sites require you to have a completed home study. From my experience, your foster care home study will work also. Either way, the sites will contact your adoption agency for verification. This is for the protection of the children who are waiting.

This site has a great photolisting. has listings of children from across the nation and also has tons of other information that will be of great use to the foster care and adoption community. The site touches on all subjects, providing resources for adoptees, birth mothers, foster parents, and adoptive parents. Visit the site, and you will find tabs for their Reunion Registry, Professional Services Directory, and a place where birth mothers are able to create a profile to find families for their children. Hopeful adoptive parents are also able to create a profile on the site’s Parent Profiles feature. They also provide articles that focus on a variety of experiences and issues in the foster care and adoption world.

Heart Gallery of America

The majority of states have their very own Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery features waiting children in your state who need adoption. The photos are beautiful and capture the personalities of children who are available for adoption. You can easily google your states Heart Gallery by typing in “Heart Gallery” then your state’s name.  

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Boy, do I love Wendy’s! Not only is this food delicious, but the dedication to helping children find forever homes is even more satisfying. Wednesday’s Child has profiled many of our children here in the United States which eventually helps them find permanent homes. Often, Wednesday’s Child has raised a child’s chances of finding a permanent home due to their stories being shared on a national media platform. The founder of Wendy’s, Dave Thomas, was adopted himself, which makes this mission extra special. The foundation also offers grant opportunities for other nonprofits who are here to serve the foster care and adoption community. Visit their site for more information.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption | Foster Care Adoption

Local Nonprofit Organizations

Many of the nonprofits in your area are responsible for their own photolistings of children they have been assigned in order to raise awareness of them needing permanent homes. While these organizations are raising awareness, they also provide children with many resources and opportunities throughout each year. It is for this reason that it’s important to give what you can when you can. For example, take Connecting Hearts based out of Richmond, Virginia. This organization was started by an adoptee by the name of Debra “Debbie” Johnston in hopes to bring more awareness to children in foster care who are in need of permanent homes in Virginia. Not only does her organization provide a photolisting, but it also provides different normalcy programs like birthday bags, Christmas toy drives, school supplies drives, and so much more in the name of providing for children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. So support your local organizations as much as you can and donate to if you can, to support Virginia’s children.